Use cloudflare dns on iphone / ipad and macos


Sohanur Rahman
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How to Use Cloudflare’s DNS on macOS

Step 1: On your iMac or MacBook, head over to System Preferences -> Network. From here, select the network interface your Mac is connected to i.e. Wi-Fi or LAN from left and then head over to Advanced menu.

Alternatively, you can just open System Preferences and search for DNS Servers.

Step 2: Switch to the DNS tab. Click the ‘+’ button under DNS Servers and enter Cloudflare’s DNS address: Click the ‘+’ button again and this time enter as the DNS server address.

How to Use Cloudflare’s DNS on iPad and iPhone

You can also use Cloudflare’s DNS on your iPhone or iPad as well. Here’s how.

Step 1: Head over to Settings -> Wi-Fi and tap the i button located near the name of your preferred Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: Scroll down to the bottom and select the Configure DNS option. Tap Manual and under DNS Servers enter and

Make sure to save your entry before you exit the menu. Your iPhone and iPad will now make use of Cloudflare’s DNS servers for an improved browsing time.

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