Tutorial Create UEFI Bootble USB/DVD


Sohanur Rahman
Staff member
Aug 1, 2018

== Create With Rufus ==
Download and execute Rufus
Rufus is an open source program licensed under the GPL.
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Rufus can be downloaded directly from the
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. The program does not need to be installed, it can be executed simply.

Create UEFI USB flash drive
To create a UEFI bootable Windows installation flash drive with Rufus, you have to make the following settings:

  • Drive: Select the USB flash drive you want to use
  • Partitioning scheme: Select GPT Partitioning scheme for UEFI here
  • File system: Here you have to select NTFS
  • Create a bootable drive with ISO image: Select the corresponding Windows ISO
  • Create extended description and symbols: Tick this box
The UEFI USB stick is automatically created by clicking Start.


==Create With Diskpart==

Preparing the USB Stick
A new primary partition is created on the USB flash drive, formatted with the FAT32 file system and assigned a drive letter.

To do this, execute the following commands:

list disk
select disk #
create partition primary
select partition 1
format quick fs=fat32


download windows with UEFI Support:
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